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Ball of the Year 2011 Scarborough report and photographs

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Saturday Leaders - Fred & Joyce Boast with Philip Randles


The Oxford four

Fred & Joyce leading the Royal Minuet

Group from Hull

Sunday leaders - Keith & Kath Jackson with Philip Randles

A well dressed traveller asks Sue to dance

The well dressed travellers horse also asks Sue for a dance

Find a pair of shoes to match the gentlemans tie

David & Bob discuss the days news

Pink Windmill Tours

All aboard

Robin Hoods Bay

Grahame scrutinises the footwork of the Clog Dancers

Anyone for an ice cream ?

Waiting for Pink Windmill Tour bus

The rare & endangered Whitby Pink Butterfly makes a forced landing on June's head

Hazel & the Leicester crowd hijack Elizabeth

Hazel & Grahame getting ready to lead off the Clog Quadrilles

Some joker put superglue on Hazels whistle

White Rose Foxtrot

Area Reps

Friendly Waltz

Friday leaders - Ron & June Urquhart with Philip Randles


Chairman Grahame with 3 belles

Scarborough Bay

The Ocean Ballroom

Our Canadian friends

Wow we made it to the bay

Waiting for the 12 noon canon